Here’s what some of our clients had to say about FarmFitMomma!

Christy Yost

“Amanda is the best motivator”

“When I started with FarmFitMomma 12 weeks ago, I was nervous about it being “just another program” that I did not follow through with. I was the biggest I had ever been and lacked the energy I needed to keep up with my family and chores. I started because I knew the workouts were just 20 minutes a day – even I could do that! Before I knew it, weeks had passed by and I was still doing every workout and my nutrition was right where it needed to be! I think time passed so quickly because the workouts and nutrition were just enough to be motivating without being overwhelming. The tribe of women and men who were celebrating wins and sharing challenges right alongside me was motivating!”

“Amanda is the best motivator because her strength, confidence, and energy radiate even though we live a thousand miles away from each other. She was always available when I had a question or needed support. She was receptive to any of my concerns and addressed them, successfully, immediately! She truly understands what it means to live this busy lifestyle and her workouts are designed appropriately for such. She knew when I needed more challenges mentally and physically by upping my weights or adding cardio. Amanda has quite literally changed my life and has shown me how this is absolutely a realistic lifestyle because I have been, and will continue, truly living in a healthy way (mentally and physically) with my family! She is not the average trainer…she has successfully built a program and community that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I forever grateful!”

Farm Fit Momma

Abby Shipley

“I feel more in control, I feel stronger”

“The last few months I’ve been joining in on #mentalhealthmonday. Sharing more about my story in hopes that it will continue to help normalize mental health. A big contributor to keeping my mental health in check has always been exercise. I’ve always exercised regularly but I always did it from a perspective of a means to an end. I looked at exercise as somewhat of punishment, something I had to do in order to not gain weight. I’d drag my feet getting a workout in or talk myself out of doing it and then beat myself up the rest of the day if I skipped it. A few months ago, I started a new fitness program and it has drastically changed how I look at my physical health which in turn has really helped my mental health.”

“I met Amanda @farmfitmomma on here about a year ago. Her mom life and farming background allowed us to bond quickly. When she launched her Farm Fit program I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I honestly never knew I could actually LIKE working out. Something that used to feel like a punishment now is a way to push me to achieve new goals each day. The program has a mix of different workouts so I’m never bored and they are quick, so even someone like me with a crazy schedule can fit them in with no problem. But the biggest thing for me is the accountability and the community. I have a whole group of people all on the same path cheering me on along the way and Amanda has been there for every step – pushing me, rooting for me and celebrating smashing each goal.
The transformation hasn’t just been my body, it’s been my mind as well. When I get my workouts in my anxiety is lower and I feel more in control. I feel stronger, and I am more willing to push myself to try things that before would seem hard. I hesitated sharing these pictures. As I looked at them I felt self-conscious and vain. But as I looked closer at them and saw the strong, capable woman I’m becoming, I was proud.”

Megan Black

Megan’s View

“I always enjoyed being an athlete when I was younger, being active has always been easy. While having my four kids, 20, 17, 14 & 12, I always was fortunate to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. I missed lifting, so i started back in 2013 with weights. Lifting has always been something I have enjoyed, I grew stronger and saw some change in my body but was still missing a piece of the puzzle. I had seen so many make changes with macros and felt that was the answer but was so overwhelmed by the info online I didn’t know where to start. My husband found Amanda on Instagram and scheduled a call with her. i thought he was crazy, but after talking to her personally I felt it was what I needed and to be agricultually based made me feel comfortable that she understood our lifestyle! I jumped in with an open mind and drive. The informative calls, posts, ebook, etc. made me realize that I could do this and I didn’t have to be perfect in doing so! I easily fell in love with the workouts and just kept trying each day to meet my numbers and find what worked for me. || have not been perfect, but i have not given up and know that I get out of it what efforts I put in.”

Farm Fit Momma

“I have seen and feel changes in my body that I have never seen and I know this is not the final product as my body is an ever changing machine that I can fuel. I am excited to continue to work on myself and be the best version of myself physically that I can be as the years come, age is just a number and I plan to find all I am capable of without a number dictating anything to me! I have the tools to do what I need and the support of the FFT! I would highly recommend Farm Fit to anyone looking to mentally and physically change their life!”

“the results you helped me 

get, blew me away!”

Farm Fit Momma

Jenna Plamondon

“I’ve really had a hard time putting into words how these last 12 weeks have changed me. Physically yes I am stronger, I am also down weight on the scale and my measurements continue to blow my mind, I’ve learned how to track macros and eat better however it’s been so much more than the cardio and weightlifting I never would have imagined it would’ve played so much into my mental health also. I am confident and standing up for myself and being the best version of me, not only for me however but for my family. My husband and 9-month old son have been so incredibly supportive and without your help Amanda I wouldn’t have even known where to start. Yes, this has been challenging but not in a bad way, I have snuggled but I have proven I can do this and I will continue to be the best version of me for the people that I love.”

“I am confident and standing up for myself and being the best version of me.”

Emily Kline

“Lifelong change”

“I’m a full-time working mom of three and Amanda’s program has created a new lifestyle that fits into our schedule seamlessly. Emotional eating is now a thing of the past for me, and I feel great. Inches have been lost and energy has been gained to keep up with the kids. If you’re ready for a lifelong change go check out Farm Fit Momma now!”

Marci Boyd

“You inspire me to do better every day.

“My fitness journey began when I stumbled on your Instagram page 14 weeks ago. At that time I was lacking motivation, had low self-esteem, absolutely no energy, self-doubt, and not to mention some unhealthy relationships with food. When I talked to you on the phone for the first time I knew I wanted YOU to help get this momma back into shape!! And guess what….YOU DID!! (And so much more!) From your fat-burning workouts to the cringe-worthy cardio sessions…I’ve loved every second of it!! Amanda…you have a gift and I am so honored to have been one of your first success stories!! Your fire and drive to help others get healthy is undeniable! You inspire me to do better every day.”

Farm Fit Momma

Traci Johnson

“When I started my journey with Farm Fit Momma I was struggling to feel good as a mom, wife & woman. I was desperate when I reached out to Amanda. I had been working out for 2 years consistently but couldn’t get a grasp on a sustainable nutrition plan. I had done so many yo-yo diets & quick fixes which didn’t last. Ultimately I felt stuck! I committed to Farm Fit Momma & honestly it was easy to do, because I knew her methods & tools would work. Workouts are quick & so effective! Perfect for busy working & mom life! Best part is, during the entire 12 weeks always finished a workout feeling challenged & the muscles I gained proved it! Nutrition has always been my biggest battle & I was open & honest about that! But this nutrition has been life changing. Planning & tracking my meals ahead of time was huge for me! It was a way for me to set myself up for success! It doesn’t mean that days or meals didn’t change, but with the tools Amanda gives you, I wasn’t panicking like in the past. Planning, preparing & stopping the excuses were huge for me with nutrition. I learned what truly made my body feel the best & what my body needs.”

“Perfect for busy working & mom life!”

“And you’re never alone, you’re in a community of women, all fighting the same battles & cheering you on! I can honestly say this program changed my life! I am forever grateful for this opportunity & will never look back!”

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